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Dearest Readers,

Since I will be out of the country for the next few days, I have assembled some goodies for you to keep reading from other great sources while I am gone. You can still get your money fix by clicking on any of the following, which will hopefully keep your thirst for more money talk quenched!

Breaking the Piggy Bank will be back to its regular schedule on Thursday, April 19th with a BRAND, SPANKIN’ NEW POST.

“A Story of a Fuck Off Fund”
Published on: The Billfold
I chose this piece because it touches on the idea of a “fuck off fund”. For those unfamiliar with a “fuck off find”, it’s essentially a savings fund with the purpose of aiding in the self-empowerment that you totally will need in the case of a life, job or relationship meltdown. In other words, when shit hits the fan in those categories. That job you hate? Fuck it with a “fuck off fund.” Your relationship with the person who puts in half of their income into your apartment ends? Fuck it with a “fuck off fund.” You get the gist of it all.

BOOKMARK The Billfold for more takes on money matters. You’ll be happy you did.

“No, You Can’t Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much”
Published on: Forbes
I chose this piece because it reinforces the idea for creatives, freelancers and any small business owners to value their knowledge. I think we can often grapple with the question of “should I charge for this” or “when should I start charging.” This article gives you the boost to know what you’re worth, and also gives some great practical tips on how to navigate through “can I pick your brain” requests from people.

Goodbye Subscription Services, I’ll Miss You
Published on: Can I Be Rich Now
I chose this piece because at some point we have to make decisions about what we want to spend our money on. Most of us probably have multiple subscription services. I know I do! This piece is all about knowing when to end those subscription services when it comes to financial betterment. Also, you should take a look at some of her other posts on her blog. Great stuff!

Should I Buy Grammar Software?
Published on: Onicia’s website
This isn’t just a post for writers and freelancers! Any professional should take into account their grammar. Have you considered purchasing Grammarly? Onicia provides us with a quick review on her experience with the software. I should add: I have yet to make a choice of whether I’ll be purchasing it. However, the information is still worth reading and then considering.

I hope you find the above pieces informative. Do you have a piece you think is worth sharing with other folks interested in money talk? You can always share with me on Twitter, IG, Facebook or via the comments here. I’m always looking for more things to read and share with people!



One thought on “Curated List: Talk Money to Me #1

  1. Thanks for the plug. Grammarly is deff worth it. A 500-word corporate article covers my year subscription. It’s a no-brainer.

    I’m still struggling with charging people to pick my brain. I’m always worried about being a jerk and them broadcasting my reply all over the internet. Good picks. Enjoy your trip.


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