In case you missed it, I have an official domain name for this site. Buh-bye, wordpress URL, and HELLO breakingthepiggybank.com! I know it doesn’t seem like much, but this is a major step forward for me. You have no idea how I agonized for the last six months about committing this website to a domain name. I was afraid to post new content because it wasn’t a “real” website (whatever that means).

I continued to justify not spending the 10 bucks to register a domain name by saying I didn’t need it because I didn’t post that often, but then not posting often because I didn’t consider the site to be more than just some random person’s blog. Whenever I was close to hitting the purchase button, I stopped myself. I patted myself on the back for not having spent those 10 bucks on a domain when I had to to get new windshield wipers and spark plugs for my car.

10 bucks. 10 bucks! It was just 10 bucks!

You know what I did spend those 10 bucks on?

  • A few Wendy’s 4 for 4 meals (granted, a great value! But that added up to be more than 10 bucks!) = 4 bucks each
  • An 80s themed cocktail event = 30 bucks
  • Adler After Dark event at the Adler Planetarium for 2 = 40 bucks total
  • Two cocktails at the Adler After Dark event = 20 bucks total
  • Ramen dinner + smoothie = 20 bucks
  • Potbelly’s = 8 bucks

Of course, there were other non-essentials that I spent my money on. These were just a few to name. With these alone, the total comes up to 122 bucks (not considering I had Wendy’s a lot). I had no problem spending 122 or more on those items, but kept making up excuses to not spend 10 bucks on a domain name for this website.

I was holding myself back when the 10 bucks was not the issue.

After discussing with my co-worker whether I should buy a domain name and get rid of ads on WordPress, she told me that I don’t practice what I preach about taking my projects seriously. She was right. In a manner of five minutes, I made a decision that I had been sitting on for the past few months.

I decided to invest in Breaking the Piggy Bank. Not only did I buy the domain name, but I also upgraded my WordPress account in order to eliminate ads and have more control of the website’s CSS. Was it more than 10 bucks? OH YEAH.

Try 96 bucks for the year. I know, I know but follow me on this one!

WordPress broke it down to 8 bucks per month. 8 bucks per month? Yeah, I can spare 8 bucks per month on a project that I believe in. Spending the 96 bucks on finally getting this website to the next level of where I want it to be is worth it.

This website is a project I want to keep spending time on, and that meant I needed to treat it as an actual investment on my end. I’ll be reflecting at the end of the year to see how this investment on my end turned out!

As my friend, Onicia Muller, reminded me recently: “Done is better than perfect.”

Is the website everything I want it to be yet? No. But had I kept waiting until it was perfect to buy a domain name, then I probably would have also treated it as something that didn’t need to be updated regularly.

Final, important thought: If you have a goal that requires money to be spent on it, don’t tell yourself that you can’t afford it. Don’t use yourself as an excuse.

Analyze your recent spending habits for the last three months. What are you using your money on? Are you like me spending it on Wendy’s and cocktails? Or are you enjoying Starbucks on the regular? Whatever your habit is, find a way to alter that habit so that you can use the money that you typically spend on that toward the goal that you want. It may not be something that you can suddenly splurge on, but at least you can start setting that money aside by not hitting up Wendy’s like me! Sometimes changing small little habits can help reach those long-term money goals.

The only person that can attain your goal is you.

Think about it, we always somehow manage to find money to spend on a concert festival. Lollapalooza anyone? Why not somehow manage to find money to spend on that goal you want.

4 thoughts on “Done Is Better Than Perfect

  1. OMG. I’ve been thinking about whether to buy another domain. Thanks for reminding me that investing in myself is never a waste. Your domain name is deff not a treat yo’self purchase. Even if it turns out to be, at least you didn’t gain any calories or frosted your teeth with sugar.

    I think this lesson also applies to savings. Opening that 2nd account and then destroying the card might be the only way to actually build savings. Otherwise, we just keep dipping back. Keep sharing these tips!


    1. Yes! My whole intent with this project is to share what I’ve learned and what I’m still discovering. Break down the taboo of money and learn from each other!


  2. I have been debating about getting a domain name for my blog, but I’m not committed to the title enough to know if it’s wha I want to keep it as. I have been researching around though to determine which one I’ll end up going with. How do you like the upgrade so far?


    1. Definitely do it once you decide on a name. I like the upgrade that I got because it took care of the WordPress ads, plus the domain. I still haven’t fully used the other features that came with it. I also use Hover as my domain provider for my portfolio site, but that’s only for domain.

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