This dog must be from some new money.

I hate making resolutions for the new year. Some people love them. I consider myself more so one of those people that decide if you really want to start something or change something then you should start right away rather than say in the new year. That is how I began my journey toward financial wellness. It could also be argued that it is the same way I began my financial misfortunes years before by saying, “CHARGE IT PLEASE, CHARGE ALL OF IT!”

However, when it came down to it I decided to take control of my financial misadventures by changing my own spending and money thinking habits. Sure, it took Capital One suing me to finally wake me the fuck up, but it was the middle of the year and rather than say, “NEXT YEAR THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT!” while blindly doing the same shit I was doing, I said “OK. LET’S DO SOMETHING NOW!”

Since then, I have been constantly wondering how else to challenge myself in meeting certain financial goals. Each month while deciding how to best balance my “wealth management” (a term I use to think of money in a positive manner rather than saying BUDGET, which has negative connotations to me) I try and determine what other goals I can be working on.

These aren’t new year’s resolutions because the other aspect of new year’s resolutions, which I hate is the idea that they are not malleable. Once you create them, people seem to be predestined to fail them if they don’t meet them fully. Goals on the other hand can be changed according to different circumstances.

With that here are a few of my money goals for the coming months:

  1. I received my first credit card since the whole bankruptcy ordeal. My goal is to use it each month to work on my credit utilization ratio and pay it off each due date. This will help me build my credit score back up.
  2. I will open an actual savings account separate from my current bank account. This will help me resist the urge to “borrow” from money I have set aside. I have no problem setting money aside, but then end up telling myself that I can always “borrow” from this money if I replenish it the following month. (We’ve established already that I get paid monthly.)
  3. I will actually use my gym membership so that the 10 bucks a month isn’t just going to waste. I’m holding myself accountable by signing up for running events, which means I have to hit the gym to train.

Of course, I can always modify these goals and expand on them as I see fit. I like goals that I can alter because no one likes to feel like they failed at something. When we change goals, though, we get to still be in control.

What are your current money goals?


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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Money Goals *uncensored*

  1. My money goal is to get comfortable with saying ‘no’ to unpaid work so that I can improve my physical and mental health. Instead of working for free I’ll have time to take more naps or exercise. Or I’ll have time to find and accept paying work so I can build up my savings which will help with my mental health.


    1. Girl, I hear you. As artists we have to start taking ourselves seriously like other professions. Less free work, more money!


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