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Short answer: Yes, and I will be posting more frequently again!

Long answer: (see below)

When I first set out to begin this website, I wanted to be able to share my experiences with the mismanagement and later on management of money in an effort to create more positive dialogue around money (and for some of us, including me: our inability to get our shit together financially). I was in a good place, mentally and financially. Well, I was as in good of a place financially as one could be after having a bankruptcy on their credit history.

The trouble came around the time I wasn’t feeling so high, mentally. It’s no news to most of you, unless you’re a completely stranger from the internet who found this blog (if so, hi, hi welcome! Stick around, why don’t you?!)… I have a diagnosis of depression and anxiety. Worry not, I have it under wraps most of the time. However, in the time that I did not update this website, I wasn’t feeling at the top of my game.

For me, my money troubles really began around the time my depression and anxiety began to manifest in early adulthood. This means that even after I have learned better money strategies and better mental coping strategies, whenever my depression begins to surface, I feel like I did years ago as I automatically link it to my money mismanagement.

What could have possibly triggered my most recent depression? 

Let’s talk about bankruptcy. I filed for Chapter 7 earlier this year, and I was then discharged. Up until that point I made it my job to learn everything there was about bankruptcies: the before, the during, and the aftermath. Despite grasping the long road after discharge, nothing really prepares you for the reality.

These last two months that I’ve been silent on this website, I have been wrestling with what life after my Chapter 7 bankruptcy is currently like and how it will continue to look in 1 month, 5 months, 1 year, 2 years and so on.

This is why I honestly have said before with humor: I filed for bankruptcy so you don’t have to!

Humor aside, please use me as your guinea pig to either learn from my past financial mistakes and from the strategies that I have developed in gaining a better financial grounding. Does this mean I expect you all to be on the cusp of a bankruptcy? No! Some of you have a better handle on your finances than I ever could have had, and some of you I know are just in a lot of credit card debt. Does being in debt mean you have to file for bankruptcy like I did? Of course, not! My decision to file for bankruptcy was based on a lot of personal factors and took an incredible amount of time for me to fully research and decide that it was best for me.

It was my decision, and like most decisions we make in our lives, it is one that I have to learn from and foresee how to manage in the long term.

Point being: I’m back. I’m not going anywhere this time.


I will be updating a lot more. My goal is to have a new post once a week, and I already got my topics sorted out until December! I will also be trying to make more resources/freebies available to help you on your financial quest!

Let’s end this on a positive note: I became 63 cents richer this week when I found some leftover change at the airport that a TSA agent said I could keep!

Up next (as in next week): Traveling for Work Comes with Some Unexpected Expenses



2 thoughts on “Hey Breaking the Piggy Bank, are you still alive?

  1. Thanks for the update. I’ve never filed for bankruptcy but my dad did when one of his restaurants failed when I was a teen. They never went into the details but I saw a real change in our lifestyle. I vowed never to own a credit card and now I’m learning that that choice negatively affected my credit score. So I’m interested in learning about how you plan to rebuild your credit.


    1. I will definitely be posting about how I went from an amazing credit score to bankrupt. I also want to touch on the rebuilding credit portion, as there’s a few options but I’m also hesitant on ever having a credit card again.

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