I just returned from a road trip last night that I had taken to Nebraska and Texas. I planned out the trip in July, taking into account how much money I needed to save up for gas and other things one needs during a road trip. Before leaving in August, I kept blasting The Killers’ song, The Man, because that’s how I felt.

I kept singing, “I got gas in the tank. I got money in the bank. I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man”. I felt like a million bucks, and also frugal because I thought I had a handle on things! I had planned the amount of money that would be needed for gas, gave myself a spending limit for activities, and hit up some friends to couch surf my way through this trip.

Since this blog is about money, here are some lessons I learned about myself because this financial well being thing is clearly still a journey:

  • Despite pre-gaming, “Drunk Angelica” will still spontaneously buy a round of shots for her friends.
    • How to fix for future trips: Add a few (and the word “few” is putting it very lightly…) extra bucks to my travel estimates for “spontaneous drunk shots” because they will happen.
  • Despite meticulously having planned for possible expenses, I did not plan for roadside issues. What did the road whirl at my car? A loud rock! WHACK.  I almost kicked myself for not having anticipated a rock cracking my windshield. Thanks, semi-trailer in the lane next to me for helping me learn to plan better! Now I’m out a few extra bucks than having had anticipated.
    • How to fix for future trips: Don’t drive by semi-trailers.


Just kidding, the real fix would be to plan for the unexpected when it comes to driving 17 hours in one day. Shout out to the semi-trailer that taught me this financial lesson! Now, if anyone can recommend any Chicago or suburban places that can fix my windshield, let me know!








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